Accent-happy (?)

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Accent-happy? (of niet?)
Tevreden met jouw Engels accent? Veel mensen proberen om met een “British” of “American” accent Engels te spreken omdat ze het mooi vinden of omdat ze denken dat hun Engels dan “beter klinkt”. Wat is jouw mening hierover?

Accent-happy (or not?)
Satisfied with your English accent? Many people try to speak English with a “British” or “American” accent either because they like the sound of it or they think it makes their English “sound better”. What is your opinion?


  1. Geesha on november 12, 2012

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  2. Nika Williams! on november 12, 2012

    I don’t think trying to speak in a American or Britt accent makes your English sound any better. Further more if you ask me there us no such thing as a good accent because even in the USA and Uk you get people with different accents and you still can’t understand their English. I believe that it is the proper tense and the grammatical rules you apply while speaking makes your English good even in your very own unique accent.

  3. Terry on november 12, 2012

    Good topic, I was educated under both the British and American educational systems. The latter was where I completed high school. My Caribbean accent was apparently forcing me to pronounce words slightly different than that of someone with an American accent. For example I tend to stress on certain syllables in certain words. When I moved to the USA, I embraced the “southern accent ” as I was living in Georgia, and I realized that it doesn’t really make one’s English any better, but it makes you appreciate the complexity of the English language.

  4. Geesha on november 13, 2012

    Hi Terry, thank you for your comment. Very valid point, it is certainly an eye opener to the complexities of the language. Nice to hear that you ‘embraced’ an accent. Were you ever looked down upon for speaking with a “Southern Drawl”?

  5. Geesha on november 13, 2012

    Thank you Vanika. Indeed, clarity is far more important than your accent.

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